Best Fiverr Gigs To Earn Money From Home

Fiverr is one of the top micro job sites wherein you can earn money offering any service from home. You can find people offering different types of service called as gig on Fiverr. You can earn a minimum of $5 and the maximum amount can be anything; it completely depends on the number of orders that you receive. In this article, I have listed few popular gigs which can help you earn money from Fiverr with ease. These gigs are highly popular and are always in demand.

best fiverr gigs 2014

Best Fiverr Gigs To Earn From Home

Writing Service

If you are good with your English written skill then you can earn from writing for others. This can include writing articles, writing a sales page, writing EBooks etc. You can also count data entry work under this service.

You can also make use of some online tools which can help you in getting this work done faster. Since the pay is less many freelancers make use of automated tools for such kind of work. I would strongly recommend WordAi or SpinRewriter for rewriting work. You can try other free version of rewriters too but the quality of output is not that good so you will have to recheck the entire content again.

Selling EBooks

Creating and selling EBooks are the most effective ways to earn from home. The reason being it does not require any additional work after the initial hard work. So once you set up an amazing EBook; you can promote it and can earn money from it.

You can create an EBook which is informative for others; something which will attract people in buying it. Creating an EBook will take some time as you will need to do some research work before creating it. I would say that you search and look for what others are selling in Fiverr and then you kick start your own EBook.

Graphics or Logo Creation Service

Graphics or Logo Creation Service Gigs on Fiverr is in huge demand. Most of you own a website or a blog which requires graphics either for promotion or to gain visitors attraction. So offering this service can help you make some huge cash from home.

If you are sound with graphical skill set then this service is bread and butter for you. If you don’t have any idea about graphics then you can take a look at Logo Creator Tool which I bet is one of the best in the market now. Using this tool you can easily create logo or special characters or any graphics without much of technical knowledge. Added below are samples of logo and characters created using this tool.

logo creator sample

Whiteboard Video Creation Service

Videos are given top priority when it comes to marketing. You can find a huge list of clients ready to pay you a lot for creating high quality videos. Whiteboard videos are always in demand and you can offer this service to make some decent income from Fiverr.

The best video creation software to create whiteboard video is Sparkol. It is filled with lot of features and is comparatively cheaper than many other software. Added below is a video sample which was created by me in 15 minutes.

YouTube Likes / Facebook Likes

You can find many offering this kind of service in Fiverr and most of them are bots or fake likes. You can make it more interesting by adding in genuine likes to FB Page or YouTube Videos. This can be done by creating a huge network of liked minded people in FaceBook.

I would create a group in FaceBook then will invite and encourage people to like others work. Once the group grows with thousands of members; I will then create a gig in Fiverr offering this service. This is a little time consuming task but once you have a group with a huge member list then you can easily convert them to money.

These are some of the Best Fiverr Gigs which you can offer and can earn some huge money from home. If you have any specialized skill set then you can even showcase that in Fiverr in the form of a gig. I hope this article is lot informative for you; if you find it useful then do share it in your friends. If you have any queries then do let me know by commenting.

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