Do Bloggers Really Make Money Online From Blogging?

This article is to clarify few of the queries of newbie who are planning to Blog. Money is the prime factor for doing any kind of work including Blogging. I get a lot of Emails asking about ways to make money online and I suggest Blogging or Online Marketing to most of them. The next question I get to hear from many is “How much money can I make from Blogging?” There are too many questions which have to be answered; so I have answered few of the queries of newbie in this article.

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Do Bloggers Really Make Money From Blogging?


The number of Blogs and Bloggers are increasing everyday; this proves that there is something to make from Blogging. Also you can see Bloggers quitting their job just to become a full time Blogger. This shows that as a Blogger you can really make money online from Blogging than your full time work. You will find few income proofs in this article below.

How Can I Earn Money Online From Blogging?

Blogging is basically writing about informative things that you like or know. So now you have a Blog which has 50+ posts and is generating some good traffic; you can convert this huge traffic to make money online.

  • You can join CPC networks like Google Adsense wherein you get paid for every click that you get on your Ad. So if you have more traffic then more is the chance of making huge money online.
  • You can sell Ads on your Blog wherein there are clients who will be ready to put in their Ads on your Blog. This will totally depend on the content and traffic that you generate on your Blog.
  • You can write paid reviews about certain products and thus can earn from it.
  • You can join affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Click Bank etc. and can earn for every sale you generate.

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How Much Money Can I Earn Online From Blogging?

This is the most common question and an important one too. Everything requires some bit of hard work to succeed; the same applies for Blogging too. If you are passionate about Blogging you will be able to make some huge money for sure. Let me give couple of examples of how much you can make from Blogging.

Example 1

I started this Blog after seeing my Husband making some decent income from his Blog “Justclickin” working for just one hour every day. He writes every alternate day and does some off page SEO every alternate day. His main source of income is from Google Adsense. Here is the snapshot of his last 5 months earning from his Blog through Adsense.

adsense earningSo you can get a rough idea of how much you can make if you spend couple of hours every day on your Blog. The only thing that you will have to focus on is the quality of your work and visitors; money will flow automatically.

Example 2

Harsh Agrawal a Pro Blogger from India and the owner of Shoutmeloud Blog. I learnt a lot of things about Blogging from his Blog. I found few articles wherein the income and source of income of Shoutmeloud are displayed. Harsh earns from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Ad Sales etc; he also makes decent money from online blogging service that he offers.

shoutmeloud incomeAs you can see you can make some serious money if you end up being successful in this business. There are lot of tutorials and guides available online to help you on this.

When Will I Start Generating Money From My Blog?

Everyone needs fast and instant money and if you are one of them then Blogging is not for you. Blogging is for someone who is looking for huge regular income in a long run. Your income totally depends on the traffic that you generate on your Blog. A new Blog won’t get enough of traffic at the start and it ideally takes some time before you see a steady traffic and that is when you will be able to convert that traffic to money.

So if you are planning to become a Blogger; then get ready to put in a lot of hard work for the first 3 months atleast without any expectation. Your only focus during these times should be to write high quality content which is very informative for your visitors. With days the no. of visitors will automatically increase which you can track through Google Analytics. Once you have a decent regular traffic then you will be able to monetize with those traffic.

It took nearly 6 months for Justclickin to generate a decent traffic of 500+ visitors a day. It took 7 months for my hubby to get his first paid check from Google Adsense. He started to earn something like $50-75 after 4 months with daily traffic of 300-400 visitors.

How Will I be Paid Online For Blogging?

Most of the transactions online are done through PayPal. PayPal transactions are totally secured and you will receive the payment instantly. You can create a PayPal account easily for free. Certain networks also prefer Check as their main mode of transaction (Ex. Google Adsense).

I hope this solves all your queries related to Making Money Online from Blogging. If you have any more queries then do let me know by commenting; so I can add it on to this list. I will be writing an article on how to start a Blog along with some Blogging Tips so stay tuned or Subscribe to Web Earning Tips.

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