Captcha2cash Review – Online Typing Job Genuine or Scam?

In our last article we reviewed Elance a freelancing site wherein you can do any type of work including online data entry jobs. Today we are going to review an online data entry portal wherein you can do Online Typing Job from home.

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typing job from homeYou can find lot of online typing work which offers free as well as paid service but most of them end up being scam. on the other end is absolutely free; so it is something which you should give a try as it doesn’t involve any risk. Read this Captcha2cash Review and know whether Captcha2cash is Genuine or Scam.

What is

It is an online site which offers Captcha Typing work from home. It comes with options to work from home through web browser or through their software which is light weight. Their site is easy to navigate and you can create your account within few seconds. The best thing about this network is the rates are same throughout the day i.e. $1 every 1000 images.

Is there any requirement to work with

No you don’t require any specialized skill set to work with Captcha2cash. If you have a good typing speed then your chance of earning more money will be high or else it will be low. Also your accuracy should be good as they do ban account wherein the number of error is high.

How to Make More Money with Captcha2cash?

As soon as you sign up and log in to your account; you will find menus like News, Captcha, Payments, Profile, FAQ and Examples. Under FAQ and Examples they have answered few questions along with few examples.

captcha2cash exampleTheir mode of payment is Payza or Perfect Money Account. So you will require an account with one of these Online Payment Networks to work with this Online Typing Portal. Creating an account with these networks is free and can be done instantly. You can put in this payment information under Profile section.

captcha2cash paymentSo now you have set everything ready; you can start with the actual typing work by clicking on Captcha Menu. Now all you need to do is to type as many Captcha images as you can. So for someone like me wherein I can type like 60 words a second this is what I can earn approximately.

1 minute = 30 words or images (Put 30 words a min as Captcha typing takes little more time)
60 minutes = 1800 words or images
1000 images = $1
1800 images = ~$1.8

software captchacashSo in an hour I can make something like $1.8 if I type accurately and work continuously for an hour. This doesn’t mean that you can easily reach this figure in an hour; it is really tough. I gave it a try for couple of days and I found images which were not clear and if you type it incorrectly then it won’t be counted.

It also provides desktop software using which we can do this work wherein the speed is much better than working from web browser. So if you have a good typing speed then you can earn some decent money from Captcha2cash.

I do agree that the pay is very less but it is still good when we compare it with other networks. This kind of job can be very handy for students to make some pocket money. It will also be a good source of income for you on your free times.

Captcha2cash Review Conclusion

I haven’t received any payment as I have just tested it for couple of days. It also pays very less compared to the time and effort we put it. Also looking at feedback from people across the globe I find Captcha2cash to be Scam. To confirm this and to help others with this I would require your help with your valuable feedbacks. So try it and comment in your experience with Captcha2cash.

Captcha2Cash is Scam

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