ClixSense Review – Genuine or Scam Research

ClixSense is one of the top or best PTC (Paid To Click) site in the world. You can see too many PTC sites these days but many vanish after a month or two because it is really difficult to manage a PTC site. ClixSense is in this business from February 2007 and is really doing an excellent work. It has paid more than 34+ lakh members till date and has a huge network of advertisers.

People who look to make money online the easiest ways ideally look for PTC sites. PTC sites pays for tasks like Viewing Ads, Playing Games, Survey etc. and the pay range from $0.001 to $1.0 or above which totally depends on the task. The major problem with PTC sites is many sites stop paying after a month or two; so it is advisable to do a proper scam research before starting with it. Here is the researched or detailed ClixSense Review to know whether it is genuine or scam.

How Does ClixSense Work?

clixsense researchClixSense offers different type of service for advertisers. As an advertiser you can drive huge traffic towards your website paying just few dollars. Advertisers can also get others tasks completed at a much lower price; these tasks include surveys, offers, downloads etc. So it is one of the best networks to get a huge amount of work done at a very cheaper price.

Advertisers can opt for any of this service and can place their orders online which will get activated instantly. As a member you can sign up and click on these ads or services and can get paid. So ClixSense acts as a medium between Advertisers and Members. It also offers referral bonus and you can earn commission from your referrals earning. You can redeem the amount through Paypal or Payza.

How to Make More Money from ClixSense?

As soon as you login to ClixSense you will find your account summary along with various offers. You will find different sections wherein you can earn money from ClixSense. So let me explain each of these categories –

  • View Ads: You will find list of ads in this section; clicking these ads will help you earn in the range of $0.001 to $0.02 each. Micro ads which last for 3 sec will pay $0.001 and ads which last for 30 sec will pay $0.01 each.
  • Offers: This is a section wherein you will find different type of offers like Online Survey, Software Download, and Purchasing Service etc. Pay depends on task you can even find surveys which will pay around $2.
  • Tasks: You will find different type of tasks in this category which will get updated regularly. So you will have to keep a check on it all the time.
  • ClixGrid: This is a simple game wherein you will have to click on the image which will take you to a website and if you are lucky you end up winning credits. It says that you can win up to $10 but the max I got till date is just $0.01 that too after clicking on image for too many times.
  • Affiliates: You can earn referral bonus of $0.5 for every member who joins through you. You will also earn certain commission from your referrals earning.

My Experience with ClixSense

clixsense reviewI came to know about this site when I was looking for top PTC site. So I registered myself and started to go through it every day. It was not worth the time and effort I put in it. I clicked on few ads wherein I got something like $0.001 every 3 second. Surveys are total waste for me as I can see “no survey available” after filling in all my information. I think survey is region specific so if you are from Asia then you are prone to be more unsuccessful. ClixGrid says you can earn up to $10 but I got something like $0.01 after clicking more than 10 images.

I was very happy to see the referral bonus as $0.5; I thought of referring others so I can make $0.5 every sign up. Then I came to know that the amount $0.5 will be credited when our referral reach an amount of $10 which is a huge task for many. It also offers Premium Membership wherein you can upgrade to Premium Member by paying $17 (I would avoid).

So if you are here looking to earn huge money from ClixSense then it is not the right option. I would say you can’t make huge money from any PTC site. If you still want to be successful working with such PTC site then you should have a huge list of referrals and most of them should be active.

Rough Example of Earning

Let us see how much you can earn without any referrals with this system in a month.

300 Ad Views = $0.3 (10 clicks a day)

ClickGrids = $3.0 (30 image clicks a day with $0.1 as average/day)

Offers = $3.0 (Assuming that you will be unsuccessful most of the time)

Tasks = $1.5 (Most of the time you won’t find tasks)

Note: These are figures which I have put in after trying this system for couple of days.

So if you go with this you will end up making around $7.8 – $10.0 max per month. $10 a month is nothing and to get this amount you will have to do the entire task on a daily basis which will consume more time. Let us assume that you take around 30 minutes to do this task on a daily basis so after spending 15 hours you make around $10 which is very less.

ClixSense Review Conclusion: Legit or Scam

ClixSense does pay but amount that you earn after putting in such an effort is just peanuts. This does not mean that you can’t be successful; there are people who make some decent income from this system. To be successful you should have a huge list of hardworking referrals under you. This can’t happen with ease; this requires a lot of marketing skill which is too difficult for many. Someone like me can’t earn a lot from ClixSense as I am totally dependent on Ad Clicks.

I will call it ClixSense Scam as you are not paid for the time that you put in. I would rather prefer other Internet Jobs to earn money online. This is just my personal opinion if you are against my view feel free to comment back with your opinion. You can always contact me through our contact form for any online help.

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