How to Create a Blog on Blogger – Free 2013

In my last article, I wrote about bloggers earning which showed how much you can earn as a blogger. It clearly stated everything about the ways and duration it takes to earn from blog. If you have more questions on Blogging then you can refer to this article on Bloggers Benefits.  From these articles you get to know the basic about Blogging along with its benefits.

Today we will see how to create a blog on blogger for free. After reading my last article, I got few Emails asking me to assist on creating a blog. Many wanted to create a blog for free; so I decided to write this article. You know Blogger is one of the best networks to create blog for free. In this article you will find detailed tutorial on how to create a blog on blogger along with snapshots.

Creating Blog on Blogger

Log in to and create an account or use your existing Google account to log in.

starting a blog

Now you will find a screen which will look similar to the above screenshot. Click on New Blog in order to create a new blog; you can create as many blogs as you want.

select blog title

Now you will need to input the Blog Title, Address and need to select the Template for your Blog.

Title: Title should be keywords which should be relevant to the content of your blog. For example if your blog is about online money making then you can use something like Online Money Making Tips and so on. If your blog is about multiple things then you can use multiple keywords separated by comma (e.g. Web Earning Tips, Blogging Tips).

Address: It is basically the web URL which will direct to your Blog. So select a URL which is easy to remember and stay away from using special characters like “-“ and numbers. Your URL will have .blogspot at the end which comes as default with all blogs on Blogger.

Template: Select the right template which looks cool and suits your blog.

Once you are done with these three then click on Create Blog

new blog

You will find the blog in your blog list; now you can directly start posting. You can also make other changes to the blog using the Blog Setting option. If you want to see how your blog looks then you can check it using View Blog option. I would recommend posting in a high quality article and will change the blog setting later.

blog post

Now this is going to be your first post so ensure that it is of high quality. Select a title which will have the main keyword of your article. Also try to write articles with more than 300+ words each. Your article should be informative and should answer all your visitor questions; never just spam with too much of keywords. Once you are done with the article; format it to look good (i.e. Header 1, Header 2, paragraph etc.)

I will write an article on how to select the title and write a perfect post in my next article. So once you are done with the article click on Publish. Now you can view your post by clicking on View option.

article blogger

As you can see above your blog will look almost similar to this. Now you just need to make your blog look more stylish which can be done with ease.

blog post blogger design

Click on Template and go through the list of templates which can suit your blog; you can also try each template out.

article posting

If you are OK with the template then select the template and click on Apply to Blog which will change the look of your blog.

blogging post

So you can create a Free Blog with ease using Blogger. Now there is one more thing which you might need to fix and is more important.

Click on Settings -> Basic

blogger setting

Here you can modify the title; add description and can also change the Blog Address. You can also do lot more things when you go through Blog Setting; you can even keep a track on no. of visitors and many more. Now all you need to do is create a blog and try all the available options in Blogger.

So creating and setting up a Free Blog using Blogger 2013 is very easy. Try it and if you have any queries do let me know by commenting. For more cool tips on Blogging subscribe to Web Earning Tips.

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