Tutorial To Create Personal Blog By Spending Less – Newbie Guide

This article is for all our readers who are looking to create their personal blog to make money online. I have tried my best to put everything in a simple step by step manner; so you can easily understand and can set up a blog on your own. Before going ahead with this tutorial you should understand that setting up a personal blog will require some investment. But I can assure that if you blog on a daily basis and follow the right guidelines you can end up making some huge money. Let us go ahead with the tutorial now.

In order to set up a personal blog you would require three things:

setup personal blog

  • Domain Name
  • Web Space or Web Server
  • SEO Optimized Template or Theme

Domain Name

When it comes to domain name selection; the first question that comes to everyone’s mind is whether to go for branded domains or keyword based domains. Many ideally would look for keyword based domains as it gets direct preference in Google search. I have couple of blogs; one with a branded domain and the other one a keyword based domain “Web Earning Tips”. Both these blogs generates some huge traffic and the branded one ranks higher for lot of keywords. So I am ok with both branded or keyword based domains as long as it is easy to remember.

Tips to select domain names

  • Domain name should be short and should be easy to remember (max two or three words)
  • Try to go for .COM domains unless your blog is more regional specific (e.g. India – CO.IN or .IN)
  • Avoid domain names with hyphen or numbers

Web Space or Web Server

Web Server is the space wherein your site’s file will be stored and retrieved whenever required. Even here you might be confused whether to go with best web hosting companies or to go with cheap web hosting companies. Best one offcourse will charge a lot but will offer you with high quality service and maximum uptime. This doesn’t mean the cheap ones don’t offer good service; there are lot of good web hosting providers who do offer high quality service at a way cheaper rate. It totally depends upon your business and budget.

Tips to select Web Service Provider

  • Should guarantee 99.9% uptime and should offer high speed and performance
  • Should be totally safe and secured from hackers
  • Should provide you a CPanel and some nice inbuilt software

SEO Optimized Template or Theme

Theme plays a vital role in the performance of your blog. I was not aware of it until I found an increase in the ranking of my post after changing the theme of my blog. I currently use MyThemeShop Themes which is SEO optimized and I really love it. Many of you go with beautiful design or professional looks; even I tried to change the theme of my blog to make it more beautiful. After changing the theme there were reductions in no. of visitors as many of my pages dropped down in Google search for some competitive keywords. So I decided to switch back to my old theme and I got my traffic back. So always look for a theme which is cool and is SEO Optimized. I would strongly recommend MyThemeShop Themes.

Tips to select a perfect Theme for your Blog

  • Should be SEO Optimized
  • Should load faster
  • Should be easy to navigate

Setting Up A Personal Blog

In order to set up a blog you will require all the things listed above. So now I will continue with the next step; but before that I will also show you where you can get the domain name and web hosting space at a cheaper rate. I personally offer this service and I would recommend it if you are looking for high quality web hosting service at a cheaper rate.

Registering a Domain Name

Go to JTS Hosting and search for your favorite domains. If it is available then do purchase it instantly. Currently you will find .CO.IN and .IN domains available at a lot cheaper rate of $4.5/year each and .COM available at $10.5/year.

jts hosting domain

If you opt to go for .CO.IN or .IN domains then do use the promo code given below to avail it at a cheap price of $4.5/year.

jts domain registration

.IN Promo Code – JTS5IN

.CO.IN Promo Code – JTS5COIN

Purchasing Web Server

You can select your hosting plan from JTS Hosting itself for a very low price starting at $1/month. I would recommend the Silver Plan wherein you will pay $2/month; so you don’t have to worry about any limit at all. You can purchase it along with domain by clicking on “No Hosting – Click To Add” option. Select the plan and proceed with the payment then you are done.

jts hosting plans

Benefits of hosting with JTS Hosting

  • Your data will be completely safe and secured.
  • They guarantee an uptime of 99.9%.
  • You will get complete support in getting you the desired output.
  • 30 days money back policy.

Note: You can purchase domain and web server from other service providers too. I would recommend JTS as I know IN and OUT of it so will be able to assist you all the time.

You will get an email with all the required information about your domain and your web server. Now you can log into your CPanel and install WordPress to start with your first blog.

Log into your CPanel – “http://yourdomain.com/cpanel” and scroll down to Software Section

jts quick install

Click on Quick Install -> WordPress -> Continue

jts wordpress installation

Fill in the information as shown in the image and click on Install Now

create personal blog

That is all… Your Blog is ready; just note down your username and password in a notepad.

sample wordpress site

As you can see the blog looks very blank and does not look attractive. So you will require a WordPress theme which can make it look good. You can find thousands of themes online; I am not an expert in it but I can recommend MyThemeShop Themes or Elegant Themes as I have already tried them.

Selecting a Theme for your Blog

You can search for themes in WordPress.org, ThemeForest.net or you can get some cool themes from MyThemeShop or Elegant Themes. MyThemeShop offers free themes too; so if you are looking for free themes then I would strongly recommend MyThemeShop.

mythemeshop justclickinmts

If you plan to purchase any premium themes from MyThemeShop then use the coupon code “justclickinmts” to get flat 50% off. So go through the list of themes and select the right theme for your blog.

Installing Theme To Your Blog

Log into your admin panel (http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/) and enter the username and password that you stored in a notepad. After logging in click on appearance.

wordpress theme installation

Click on Add New -> Upload your Theme (Zip file) -> Click Install Now

wordpress theme

Click on Activate to Activate the Theme.

activate theme

That is all, your theme is installed and your first blog is ready

setup blogs

Now you can customize your blog completely by logging into admin panel. You can easily add, delete or install plugin with just a click on a button through the admin panel. It does not require any specialized skill set and anyone will be able to do these tasks with ease. So following this tutorial will help you create personal blog by spending less money. Now you can easily set up a blog and add a theme with ease on your own.

Do try it and if you face any difficultly with any of the steps listed above then do feel free to get in touch with me. If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends online.

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