Domain Expiration: Make Money From High PR Expired Domains

Every domain has to be renewed on a yearly basis; failing to renewal will lead to Domain Expiry or Domain Expiration. So as a website owner you should renew your domain before the expiry date. You will also get 30 days of grace period wherein the domain won’t be active but will be available for renewal after which it will go under deletion list. You can find lot of high quality or High PR Expired Domains going under the deletion list of domains.

Today I will show the ways to use these High PR Domains to make money online. This is the technique followed by many online freaks to earn money from home. So let’s see the procedure to purchase these high quality domains and earn from it.

How to Purchase High PR Expired Domains?

Filtering and purchasing the right domain is the most important step in this entire task of Domain Expiration. I personally prefer for doing this task; you can also try GoDaddy Domain Search. So log into and follow these steps:-

  • Log into Expireddomains
  • Click on Deleted Domains -> Deleted .com Domains
    deleted domains
  • Click on show filter and check no Fake PRs, no unsure PRs, no PageRank -1, No Numbers, No Hyphens and select min PageRank as 1. Then click on Apply Filter
    find high PR domains
  • Short the entire list by PR; so you will see high Page Ranked domains on top
    high pr domain
  • Now go through this list and purchase the best domain that suits your interest.

You can also purchase .net, .org, .in etc domains but I personally recommend .com domains. Always select a domain which has high PR and is easy to remember. If you register yourself with Expired Domains then you will have more options to filter and search the domains. You can purchase any domain for as low as $2.75 using our GoDaddy offer; for more check below:-

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Now you know how to filter and select a high quality domains using Expired Domains. So now you can see how to earn money using this high quality domain.

Domain Expiration: Earn Online Using Expired High PR Domains

Purchase a basic web hosting plan for this domain and create a simple WordPress Blog. If you need any help in creating a WordPress Blog then you can always get in touch with me. Once you have your blog ready; start posting some 10-15 high quality articles (1 article/day) or you can even rewrite articles in your own work and publish. After having around 15 articles with some decent traffic you can do the following things to earn money online using deleted domains.

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Banner Ads

Banner Ads are the instant ways to earn money with a high PR site. The price depends on the PageRank of your Blog; so higher the PR, higher will be the income. Clients ideally look for blog with good PR and decent traffic for putting in their banner ads. So you need to get a decent traffic before going for this option. You can use Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forums, Fiverr etc. for selling your Ad space. You can earn anywhere between $5-$100 every month per banner advertisement.

Paid Posting

Paid Postings are done mostly to get some high quality back links from high PR blogs. This does not depend on the traffic that you get; instead it completely depends on the Page Rank of your blog. Anyway good traffic is a value add to get more money. So as soon as you have around 10-15 articles you can put in Ad in Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forums, Fiverr etc. You can charge anywhere between $5-$100+ every month per post. This is one of the best ways to earn some huge money instantly.

Selling Links

You can also sell your Blogroll links for some decent money. People look for blogroll links to get some link juice from relevant site for SEO. You can again post in an ad about it in Digital Point Forums, Warrior Forums, Fiverr etc. If you are planning for an Adsense site then don’t sell links as it is against Google TOS.

Website Flipping

You can also create and sell Blogs with decent income on Flippa. If you have a PR 4 domain with some decent traffic and generate around $100 a month then you can easily sell it for $1000-$1500 which is 10-15 times of your monthly earning. If you are lucky enough then you can even make a lot more from this. So you can build a site -> Post high quality content -> Generate traffic -> Generate Revenue -> Sell on Flippa for huge money.

Google Adsense

Tips mentioned above are easy ways; wherein you can start earning from month one but Adsense is for someone who is in for long term permanent income. It ideally requires a good quality blog with some decent no. of post for approval. In order for your account to get approved; you should follow Google Adsense Guidelines completely.

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Once you have your account approved then you can make some good money permanently. More the content more will be the no. of visitors and more will be the income. So if you are planning to build a blog just for Adsense then you should be patient enough for atleast 4-6 months before you reap in some money.

These are some of the top ways to make money online from high PR Expired Domains. So domain expiration is one best online source of income. Do try it and if you have any query related to anything then do let me know. Also if you find this article useful then do share it with your friends.

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