Earn Money Through Online Research

Most of us spend time on the Internet browsing about various topics, such as reviews, events, places, entertainment, food and jobs. If you can keep browsing for hours and delve deeper into a topic with perfect ease, you are fit to earn money through online research.

Earn Money Through Online Research

make money onlineOnline research requires you to gather accurate, in-depth information about a certain topic. While it is not that easy, it is growing in demand. Companies in the marketing sector, insurance, politics, law, publication, blogging, content and even students are on the look out for individuals to conduct online research for them.

While there is no set qualification required, you should have a fast and stable Internet connection, and a thorough understanding of web browsers and office documents. You should have an eye for detail and the determination to reach to the root of topics. Sound communication skills are also a must!

While working as an online researcher, your potential for earning is increases with the amount of experience you gain and the expertise you have in a particular field. It is a great idea to specialise in a certain area, because that companies looking for researchers will always choose someone who has more experience in their own industry. As a freelance online researcher, you can earn on a per hour basis or according to the nature of the research – some types of research are fairly unstructured, while others require heavy planning, strict following of methodologies and impeccable communication. As you keep getting positive feedback and testimonials, you can demand a higher pay.

Taking the First Step

As a beginner, you can take up research topics that are more general in nature, and in your first year or so, you can settle for lower payment rates – at this point, gaining experience should be more important for you than anything else!

You can browse through Internet marketing forums, freelance portals, social media pages and company websites to learn more about the kinds of vacancies available, requirements of companies and payments offered. You can also view the online profiles of other professionals working in this field in order to observe how they are building up their career.

Here are some websites where you can find work-from-home online research jobs:

  1. Bid Ocean – This is for online researchers who are confident of their skill set and research abilities. You can find postings by employers, and then make your best bid for the project. Before being accepted to this website, you have to pass a test.
  1. ClickNWork – Here, people are always on the look out for online researchers who can provide them with fact-based answers. While there are opportunities, you have to pass a tough test to be employed.
  1. Leapforce – At LeapForce, researchers who work from home are high in demand. Companies look for someone with strong skills. You will frequently use search engines, Google Play, Google Plus and Gmail.

In addition to the above websites, you can also look through PeoplePerHour and Glassdoor.


The most attractive part about online research jobs is that you can work from home, or anywhere else, since all you need is a stable Internet connection. And your potential to earn more only gets better with your experience!

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