Earning With The TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes Affiliate Program – As a blogger or online marketer, there are plenty of opportunities to make a recurring income with blogging. One of the most rewarding avenues these days is affiliate marketing. It’s a step up from the forms of online advertising that were popular years ago, like Adsense. For those who are not familiar with it, affiliate marketing lets you promote various products and services through your blog, and in return, earn commission with every sale you generate for your client.

As a beginner you should target a specific field, research about your audience in order to find out what kind of content is valuable to them, then gather their email addresses and finally, market your client’s products and services to them through your blog and newsletters. In time, you’ll begin earning some good money!

All About The TeslaThemes Affiliate Program 

TeslathemesTeslaThemes is develops popular and highly efficient paid WordPress themes and plugins for various kinds of businesses and personal bloggers that publish on WordPress. It offers four pricing plans: Starter, Standard, Developer and Lifetime. Why paid themes? They let you customize your blog site, make it more dynamic and attract the audience’s attention much better.

Under its affiliate program, you receive commission for promoting TeslaThemes’ products. There are 3 ways in which you can earn:

  1. High commission payout – You get 50% commission on sales and 15% 2nd tier commission for auctions done by your referrals.
  2. Earn Commission through Cookies – When your readers visit TeslaThemes and return without making purchases, but end up purchasing any of its themes directly within 90 days, you receive commission because the cookies are tracked.
  3. $1 minimum payout – With the TeslaThemes affiliate program, you can withdraw a minimum payout of $1 through PayPal.

Here’s how you can make sales:

  1. Build a new page or website dedicated to promoting TeslaThemes.
  2. Conduct keyword searches and include the top keywords in the reviews you post on your site. Include links to TeslaThemes’ website in order to direct your readers to make purchases.
  3. Put up a banner on your site that directs people to make purchases from TeslaThemes and contains a call to action.
  4. Send messages to the people in your email list.
  5. Promote TeslaThemes’ products on your social media channels, with external links included.
  6. Avoid spamming at all costs!


Now that you have learned about this lucrative opportunity, you can go ahead and sign up for the affiliate program for free, and try your hand at making some big bucks. While it does take considerable time and effort to start generating sales, once you get the hang of it, the process will be quite smooth. And you’ll keep getting better as you keep promoting. I will end this blog post with a final tip: ensure that you start off with a strong base of dedicated readers, and invest your resources in improving your search engine rankings. All the best!

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