Elance Review – Online Earning Site Genuine or Scam?

Elance is the home of Freelancers who do different type of online work from home. There are lot of Freelancing sites which offers good opportunity to earn from home and Elance is one of them. Best thing about Freelancing Site like Elance is it offers a good earning opportunity and the pay is comparatively higher than other online jobs.

The main problem with online jobs these days are many such jobs end up being a scam. So it is advisable to do a proper genuine check before starting with these jobs. Here is the detailed Elance Review to find whether Elance is Legit or Scam.

What is Elance?

elance reviewElance is a online job portal for Freelancers and Project Owners. Project Owners can easily navigate through Elance and can find the right Staffer for their Project. Staffer or Freelancer will be paid based on the time spent on each project. It can be considered as one of the best place for Freelancers to make money online from home.

How does Elance Work?

Elance works as an intermediate between Freelancers and Project Owners. Project Owners hire Freelancers who fulfills the requirement of the project. This project can be anything like Online Data Entry, Logo Designing, and Web Designing etc. and the pay differs based on these projects.

Elance offers membership plans for Freelancers and Project Owners or Companies. Freelancers and Project Owners opting for any of such plans will be offered with some better opportunity or features. Even the Free Plan is lot better and will suit most of you.

Sign up and Make Money Online with Elance

Elance is a free to earn online job portal. As soon as you sign up; you will be asked to fill in your specialized skill set. You will have to undergo a small test on the selected skill set to show how strong you are with it. This is not MUST but it adds on more value to your profile.

In Elance you will have the option to set an hourly rate for your work. So when a Project Owner hires you they will pay you based on the time and hourly rate. As a Freelancer you will have the option to search for jobs which suits your skill set; but to get an immediate response you should have a healthy profile. In order to have a healthy profile all your information should be accurate and all your profile details should be filled. To add more weight to your profile; put in your expertise skill set along with a good score in skill set test.

Mode of Payments

Bank Transfer and PayPal are the two modes of payment for Elance. Staffers from US and Canada will have the option to withdraw the cash in the form of Check. I always prefer PayPal for any online transaction.

Elance charges a certain nominal amount from Project Owners for every submission. So as a staffer you will get the entire credit for your work. So for example if you are paid $100 for your work then Elance will charge $110 from the Project Owners.

Elance Review: Conclusion

Elance is 100% Genuine!!!

Elance is one of the top freelancing sites across the world which is totally legit. It offers freelancers and students with lot of online earning opportunity. You don’t have to struggle in learning something new instead you can use your existing skill set and can earn from it.

I found few people online complaining Elance as a scam as they were fooled by staffers or freelancers. When it comes to earning online, many will always try to fool just to make more money. So as a project owner you will have to filter the staffers and find the right one for you. Apart from this I can’t find any problem with Elance so I would state Elance as totally genuine or legit.

If you have worked with Elance and have a good or bad experience to share, then do so by commenting. Your comments will be more valuable for us and our readers.

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