Get Freelance Writing Jobs From Home For Beginners

Work from home writing jobs are a wonderful option whether you want to earn a quick buck, work part-time, earn from your passion for language, do something exciting or become a professional writer. They don’t require any investment other than a computer with a fast Internet connection. And in today’s world, there are thousands of companies that are constantly on the look out for someone who can provide them with impactful, evocative, easy to understand and appealing content. Here’s how you can break into this lucrative industry:

Sharpen Your Skills

freelance writing jobsAs someone who’s just starting out, you’re naturally eager to get your hands on your first work-from-home writing job. But if it’s possible for you, taking some time to better your skills will yield incredible results in the long run. Get into a super-intensive “prep phase” where you read the most well written books in your niche, make your grammar impeccable, build your vocabulary and spend at least three hours a day writing. Waking up an hour early in the morning to practice has proved fruitful for many professionals. In short, do anything and everything you can to up your game.

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Join Freelance Writing Portals

One of the most common ways of landing a writing job is joining freelance writing portals. While signing up and creating your profile is a quick process, I recommend putting sufficient thought into creating your writer’s profile; this is what employers on the portal will judge you by. You want it to create the best impression possible. Show off your skills by sharing your best work so far. While there are hundreds of free portals, investing in paid listings is a great way to have an edge over others. Make sure to browse through these portals from time to time. Doing this can help you develop a better idea of the kinds of jobs available, standard rates, common requirements, preferred skill sets and what your competitors are doing. Besides writing portals, you should also sign up on LinkedIn and network with other professionals.

Write for a Blogging Site

There are several advantages to writing for a blogging site. One being that it’s steady – you don’t have to constantly be on the look out for new projects. There are high chances of this turning into a long-term and mutually beneficial working relationship. Another is that blog sites pay their writers fairly well. And you get to associate with other writers! A great and easy way of finding a blog site to hire your writing services is to type, “Write for us” followed by the name of your niche. For example, if you your niche is wellness, search for “Write for us wellness”. The search engine will display a multitude of results of blogging companies looking to hire writers like you. Take your pick, visit the website and send in your applications.

Write to Web Administrators

Not every blogging site places a “We are hiring” page. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested in hiring you! If you happen to come across a blogging site that you would like to write for, don’t hesitate to contact them directly. Share a thing or two about yourself and the work that you’re most proud of. You may not always hear back, but don’t lose heart – it might just be that they’re not looking for someone for the time being. They can always contact you at a future point in time. Writing to companies also lets you develop your pitching skills, which are highly valuable in your field.

In Conclusion

Remember that making your way to the top as a writer, or as any other kind of professional for that matter, is a gradual process that requires a significant amount of patience, diligence and hard work. But you can make the most of your journey by enjoying every step of it; each phase of your career offers you valuable lessons that make you stronger as you go. Always look for opportunities to sharpen your skills as well as demonstrate them. Keep exposing yourself to high quality content. It’s also very important to invest time, money and energy in promoting yourself through your own blog and professional social media networks. All the best!

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