Google Adsense Approval Trick To Monetize YouTube Videos

You might be here looking to find a way to monetize YouTube Videos. In this article you will learn the trick to get an Approved Google Adsense Account; using which you will be able to monetize your YouTube videos.

YouTube is considered as one of the best medium to promote a product, tutorials etc. Not just that one can also earn a lot of money using these videos through Google Adsense Program. Adsense is one of the top rated CPC networks; so there are many looking to get an approved Adsense Account. This is one of the Google Adsense Approval Tricks which will work for you. So now let us see how to get an Approved Google Adsense Account to Earn From Your YouTube Videos.

Google Adsense Approval Trick

Before you start with this process you should fulfill few criteria’s of YouTube Partners Program. You must have around 10+ high quality original videos with some decent traffic in your YouTube channel. There are people who have got their Adsense Account Approved with just few videos but in order for an assured approval it is better to have more than 10+ high quality videos.

How to Apply for Google Adsense from YouTube Channel?

  • Login to YouTube by using your Existing Gmail Account wherein the videos are uploaded or about to be added.
  • Go to Channel Setting -> Monetization or click on YouTube Monetization
  • Click on Enable My Account as shown on the snapshot given below

youtube video monetization

  • You will get a pop up with YouTube Monetization Agreement details. Just check all the three options and click on I Accept

approval agreement

  • Finally click on Got It as given below

adsense approval picture

This is the set up process to earn from your YouTube videos. Once you are done with this start uploading some high quality videos to your YouTube Channel. Upload only those videos wherein you hold the copyright license for the same and never copy others video else your account won’t be approved. After adding some 10+ high quality videos with decent traffic; follow the below steps to apply for an Adsense Account.

So ideally your account will be approved based on the quality of videos uploaded to your YouTube Channel which will take around 24-48 hours.

Now go back to Channel Settings -> Monetization or click on YouTube Monetization. Click on “How will I be Paid?” and then click on “Associate an Adsense Account” as shown on image below.

adsense approval form

You will be redirected to a page wherein it will ask you to login with an existing Google account or to create a new Google account. If you already have an Adsense account then you can link it to YouTube with this option with ease. You can also apply for Google Adsense Account with your existing Google account or can apply by creating a new Google Account. So here we are going to click on “Yes, Proceed to Google Account sign in”.

adsense approval tricks

Now again click on Continue

google cpc program

Now fill in the right information as shown in the image below. Ensure that you put in the correct information because there are fields which can’t be changed later. Then Click Submit My Application.

best cpc program

You will receive a notification Email about your application status. If you have followed YouTube’s criteria then your Adsense account will be easily approved. So now you can upload videos and can monetize from it using Google Adsense Program. You can even use this Adsense account for bloggers or WordPress blogs but I would not recommend it. If you are looking for Google Adsense Approval Trick for your Blog then I would recommend you to follow the required guidelines for the same. You can also refer to this article about Tips To Follow To Get Approved Adsense Account.

Note: Never break Google’s guidelines else your account can be banned without any prior notice. So follow Google’s guidelines all the time. 

Do let me know if you find any difficulty with the above tutorial. Also do comment if you get an Approved Adsense Account using the above trick.

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