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With Internet the entire way of living has changed. We use Internet as the main source to do many tasks like bill payment, online shopping etc. It has even given lot of earning opportunities for students and many of us. I have already written an article on Top Online Jobs Without Investment For Students and Homemakers. I have listed many sites wherein you can earn money without investment in that article. Since most of the job does not suit students; I have come up with this article “how can students make money online”.

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Students will be busy most of the time with their studies; so part time online job gives them a good opportunity to make some money during their free times. The main advantage of online job is it does not require any experience or specialized skill set. So anyone with the interest to earn can join and thus and can make money online.

There are lot of websites available online which gives students the opportunity to earn from home. It is good to do some testing or research work before you start with any job. To help you out I have come up with few lists of websites wherein students can earn money without any investment.

Top Websites For Students To Earn Money Online


SwagBucks is one of the top legitimate online site which pays for online surveys. It offers lot of earning opportunities for its Members by offering different tasks. Members can earn by doing online surveys, playing games, Daily Polls etc. It also has a search engine feature using which you will be paid. You will be credited with some points called Swag bucks which can be later redeemed to actual cash. Payment will be done through PayPal or in the form of Amazon Gift Cards, Flipkart Gift Voucher etc.

Points to Note:

  • Never try to fool SwagBucks system by providing fake information or any such things
  • Never try to use any automated tools on SwagBucks

Link: SwagBucks


FaceBook is one of the best and most used social networks by billions of people across the world. I have already written an article on how to use FaceBook to earn money online. I suggest this for students as they mostly spend their time on FaceBook so doing something like this would be lot easier for them. You just need to select and create a proper FaceBook Page then need to bring in lot of likes or visitors in that page. Once you have a huge list of visitors you can promote affiliate links or put in some Ads thus can earn a lot of money. This is a bit time consuming task but is really cool and will work in a long run.

Link: Create FaceBook Page


Fiverr is one of the top micro job sites wherein you can help others by doing some micro work and can earn money. It starts with $5 per gig (task) and the task will be anything of your choice. You can do work like creating logos, creating videos, editing pictures, installing wordpress etc. and can earn. So you can do anything of your choice or skill set and thus can earn online. I would suggest this for students as they can show their specialized skill set in Fiverr and can earn a lot of money.

Link: Fiverr


Tenbux is similar to Fiverr wherein students can earn money online by doing some micro jobs. The best thing about such sites is that you can earn work any time of your choice and can select any job which suits your skill set.

Link: Tenbux


Werlive is an online tutorial wherein you can make money by guiding others live on webcam or by creating tutorials for them. This will suit someone who is more into teaching others. This is a handy job for students as it helps in improvising your skill set and also will help you earn some money.

Link: Werlive

YouTube Partners

YouTube Partners is an awesome program to earn lot of money by uploading videos. It will suit you if you are more into creating video tutorials. You can create any type of video of your choice and can upload it in YouTube. You can create a simple tutorial about something and can upload it in YouTube. You can earn a lot of money from this program and the only thing you will require to do is to create an awesome video, upload it and then will have to promote it.

Link: YouTube

Guide: YouTube Partner Guide

Note: Upload only those videos wherein you hold the copyright or never upload others work else your account won’t be approved.


Indyarocks is one of the popular social networking site which pays for watching and sharing videos. It also pays for referring others. It has lot of interesting stuffs like Free SMS, Games, Chat etc. So now you can pass on your time by chatting or playing with friends and meanwhile can earn money too. The pay in here is very less but it is always better to get something rather than nothing.

Link: Indyarocks

Apart from this there are lot of jobs which students can look at to earn money online. There are options like Freelancing, Data Entry, Photo Selling etc. which students can consider but many won’t suit their skill set. So as a student you can try out the above listed jobs and can earn a lot of money online – Students Earn Money Online.

If you are a student and making dollars online doing some genuine work then do let us know by commenting. This will help other kids in earning online and thus will ease out their financial pressure.

This list will be updated as we try out more online works. So stay tuned or subscribe to WebEarningTips.

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