How To Make Money Online With Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers is one of the top Q&A sites (Question and Answer) referred and used by many across the globe. Now with Yahoo Answers you can get all your queries clarified from experts across the Globe. Since this service is used by billions across the world; it has gained lot of interest from Online Marketers and SEO Professionals. Online Marketers use this service to promote their products and SEO Professionals do the same to promote their website. Today we are going to see how you can make money online with Yahoo Answers.

How Does Yahoo Answers Work?

Before we start with the actual earning tips; you should know how Yahoo Answers work. You can question your queries or can answer others queries using this service; hence Yahoo Answers can be called as one of the best knowledge sharing portal. All you need to use this service is a valid Yahoo Account or you can sign in using your Google or FaceBook Account.

For every activity, you will get some points and accumulating these points will help you in moving to next level. You can find almost all type of categories in here so you can select the right one for you and can reap in some good points. Here is the list of activities along with their points.

yahoo answer pointsYahoo! Answers has seven levels in all. You will require 250+ points to reach the 2nd level and 25k+ points to reach the 7th level.

yahoo answers levelNow you know a bit about Yahoo! Answers and how it works. So now let us move ahead and see how to make money with Yahoo Answers.

Earn Money Using Yahoo Answers

By now you might have gone through Yahoo! Answers Website but can’t find any earning option in there. That is correct Yahoo! Answers don’t have any earning option but we are going to make use of traffic from Yahoo Answers to earn some money. It is not compulsory to have our own website to earn online. I have listed below both the earning options with and without website for you.

Money Making From Yahoo With Website

If you own a website then it is really easy to make some easy cash using Yahoo Answers. You can promote your website which will get some huge targeted traffic. These traffics can be converted to sales thus we can make some good money with little effort. Here is a step by step guide for you:-

  1. Select the category which is relevant to the niche of your website (E.g. If your website is about Mobile Phone then you can select the Category -> Consumer Electronics -> Mobile Phones & Plans)
  2. Go through the questions and filter the ones which you are comfortable with and then answer it correctly with details. Your answer should be simple and clear to understand
  3. Put in your website URL in the source space

That is all; now you just need to keep your fingers crossed for the result. If your answer gets picked as the best answer you will get 10 points. Also people with same queries will go through this question and will end up landing on your website thus will increase the targeted traffic. You can use these targeted traffic to earn more money online. This also helps in SEO thus the target website can rank higher in search results.

  • If you run an affiliate program like Amazon, CJ etc. in your website then you can promote products and can earn commission from every sale
  • If you are using any CPC Networks like Adsense, Chitika etc. in your website then this traffic can get more clicks and thus more money

Money Making From Yahoo Without Website

You can earn money online from Yahoo Answers even without a website. There are website owners who find the above task difficult and they try to offshore it. You can easily attract such people and get the work done for them.

You can make use of micro job sites like Fiverr, Elance etc. and post in the details about this work. Then promote those pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. to attract more people towards that page. You can earn a lot of money using this technique. Go to Fiverr and search for Yahoo Answers. You will find a list of workers who does this kind of work on Fiverr. You can create a Gig similar to that and promote it online thus can earn some good money.

You can also promote your own affiliate link through Yahoo Answers. Using affiliate links is against Yahoo Answer’s TOS; so ensure that the link that you put looks more genuine. Never spam in Yahoo Answer’s as they are pretty strict and will delete your post or even might ban your account.

You won’t be able to promote any link using Level 1 account and you will require Level 2 or more to promote any links. You will require 250+ points in order to move to level 2 which is very easy to achieve. So now create an account, help others and start earning from it. Try it and if you have any queries or need any help with anything then feel free to contact me.

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