How to Make Money using Facebook Fan Page and Ads?

Are you someone who does not believe in online money making? It is time for you to change the way you think. There are lot of ways to make money online and as a money hunter we should seek for the right opportunity to earn online. In this article I will explain how one can use social media to make money online.

Facebook is one of the leader when it comes to Social networking. I am going to use Facebook as an example to show how you can make money online using Facebook. Many of you might be addicted to Facebook and you look at Facebook only as a social network but today I will show the effective way to use Facebook to reap a lot of money. Facebook generates a lot of traffic we are going to convert those traffic to actual money.

make money using facebookMake Money With FB Fan Page

There are too many fan page created everyday and you like those pages just looking at the title but never get into the details about it. Have you ever thought why someone creates a fan page without any business or brand name? I will tell some truth behind creating such fan page and how they convert these pages to money.

Before I start with this let me tell you some tips to select the right name for your fan page. Choosing a name for your fan page is not an easy task as the name is what is going to bring traffic to it. The way we like page looking at the Page Name at times; our fan page should have a catchy name too. That does not mean that you select any name which is catchy. Follow these few things for naming a Facebook Fan Page.

3 Tips to name a FB Fan Page

Select the right niche or keyword

If you have a brand then select the keyword which will represent your brand. If you don’t have a brand or business then think of a keyword which can help you get lot of visitors which can help you earn money.


Fan Page Name: Web Hosting Offers

This is little catchy and people who have a website will try to look into it so I can get traffic in the form of website owners. So now I have the traffic and I can convert these traffic to money by putting in some affiliate link from sites like Hostgator, Bluehost etc. wherein there are lot of offers most of the time.

Select a catchy name

As I have mentioned above the page name should be catchy and should represent our page. So as a visitor that is what one look at so it should be catchy.

Short and simple words

Name of the fan page should not be long instead it should be short, catchy and easy to remember. This is just to bring visitors back to our page because there will be time wherein the visitor won’t like our page at the first time. I do it most of the time and then when I need it I try to recall the Page Name and type the name in the browser.

So now you know the tips to name your Facebook Fan page. Now we will go to our main topic that is to make money using Facebook Fan Page and Ads. Now I assume that you have created a Fan Page and have some decent no. of visitors and these are the things you can do to convert these visitors to actual money.

Promoting Websites and Blog Posts

There are lot of website owners who try to promote their website or post and they look for ways to promote it. Social media is something which can drive a lot of traffic towards your website so people look for promotion through social media. This is where pages with huge traffic comes in handy we can contact website owners (Site which is relevant to ours) and offer them a deal or at times they themselves do approach you. You can find sites with relevant niche through Google and using their Contact Us page we can contact their Admin with ease.

Promoting Affiliate or Referral Links

This is something wherein bloggers make a lot of money. The reason behind this is they have a website to advertise and also have trusted visitors to purchase the products. The same thing we are going to do in here because we have a page to advertise and a group to purchase.

You can join few affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank, Hostgator Affiliate etc. You can then use the link which you get from these programs to promote on your page. If you have 1000 people on your page these links will be sent to all those 1000 people. So the chance of conversion is high and thus the chance of earning will be high too.

Always ensure that you promote products which are relevant to your page and don’t spam your page. This is important because once the visitor lose their trust then it is difficult to gain it. So we should provide them with things which will be useful for them.

Selling Sponsored Posts or Ads

You can even use your Facebook Fan Page for selling Ads or even can put sponsored posts to it. When you go through few pages in Facebook there will be certain page wherein you can see posts always remaining on top. You can sell these spots to the advertisers saying that their Ad will be there on top for 30 days and you can charge a certain amount for the same.

Many might struggle to find clients for their page so to help them out here are few sites which can be handy. You can use these sites for advertising purpose:

Fiverr – Micro job site

Digital Point – Internet Marketing Forum

Warrior Forum – Internet Marketing Forum

There are many such sites similar to Fiverr which you can Google around now. Using these sites we can advertise our Page for free and gain some potential client.

Make Money with FB Ads

This will go for someone who owns a business as it requires some spending. People go for Adwords to get targeted customers and this is almost similar to that. Facebook has more than billion users which makes it one of the top networking sites in the world. So if you own a business it is advisable to advertise it on Facebook which will charge you but will return you the favor with some highly targeted customers.

People loose here as they fail to use the Advertisement options effectively. So in order to succeed you should know the right keywords for your business and should promote it the right way.

I hope I have made everything clear about How to Make Money Using Facebook Fan Page and Ad. I will be writing an article on how to create a Facebook Fan Page with screenshots along with effective way to use Facebook Ads. So stay tuned or subscribe to WebEarningTips.

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