Mobile Money Code Review – Scam or Legit Check

Are you totally deceived and are planning to go for Mobile Money Code or Anderson Mobile Money Code? This article will give you a clear picture on what you can expect from Mobile Money Code. So read this entire review to know whether Mobile Money Code is legit or scam.

mobile money code reviewI came to know about Mobile Money Code from a video link which I found on FaceBook.  I would say that was one of the top deceptive advertisements ever to entice people in getting into this money making system. An advertisement wherein a guy helps others to make some easy money within few minutes using so called Mobile Money Code. I was really impressed like you and thought of giving it a try.

I logged into their main site but then thought of going through others opinion about it; so closed the browser. I was shocked with what I saw; the starting offer was $49 which directly got reduced to $19 and then to $9. Few things in video along with this offer made me more cautious so I looked for feedback from people around the globe.

Things to note on Mobile Money Code Video

  • Incomplete video wherein the actual work is not displayed
  • Within 30 minutes people start making hell a lot of money just using the hidden code which is highly impossible
  • Throughout the video the actor promotes this product as totally free but in real it is NOT

How to Earn from Mobile Money Code?

Looking at the video you might be assuming that it will be some sort of code using which you can earn a lot of money. But the truth is: – you will have to create mobile websites using MMC’s Mobile Website Builder and then need to promote it locally to sell. So it is basically marketing which is not shown in the video and marking is not an easy task for sure. You will find lot of video tutorials and upgrades promising more money for which you will need to spend more.

Feedback on Mobile Money Code from Others

  • Too many upgrades asking us to spend more
  • Not a simple code as we can see in video instead it is creating and selling mobile websites (Marketing)
  • Bad Business Model
  • No refunds done
  • No customer support

Mobile Money Code Review: Conclusion

Looking at my own experience along with feedback from others calling Mobile Money Code Scam; I would strongly stay away from Mobile Money Code. It does not have a proper business model and the video is all about deceiving and adding more people to the network.

Online gurus are promoting this product so heavily that you will find lot of articles calling it genuine. You will get to know the truth when you look into various discussion forums wherein people share their experience about it. A business with no customer support and no refunds will definitely go under scam list.

Mobile Money Code Scam!!!

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