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In my last article I gave a complete review on PickyDomains. Today I am going to show you How You can Earn Money with PickyDomains along with some top tips.

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PickyDomains is a Domain Naming Service which pays for every selected Domains and Slogans you pick. So as a client you will get an awesome Domain Name or Slogan and as a contributor you get paid for every selected suggestion. Since we are going to see how you can earn with PickyDomains; we are just going to look at earning options for contributors.

Make Money With PickyDomains

Create An Account

  • Go to Registration Page of PickyDomains and Select Sign up as a contributor – Sign Uppickydomains sign up
  • Fill in all the required details and click on Create New Account (Note: You will require a PayPal account to earn from PickyDomains)confirmation email
  • Validate your Email Address and you are done

As soon as you login to PickyDomains you will find your current Place, Rank, Commission and Balance. Along with this you will notice all the Menu items like create orders, available orders, completed orders etc. PickyDomains website is very easy to navigate so anyone without much of Internet knowledge can easily access it.

Ways To Earn

Domain Name Orders: Here you will find the Domain Name Request which you can select and input your suggestions. You can suggest as many Domain Names as you can in a single day. You get paid for each selected domain by the client. (Note: Suggested domain name should be available to register)

Name Orders: Here you can name a brand and you will be paid for the selected brand name.

Slogan Orders: Input your slogan and get paid for the selected one.

Steps To Follow

As you can see above you can earn money by Naming Domains, Naming Brands and Suggestion Slogans with PickyDomains.

  • Click on Available Orders and select the option you want to go for; you will find the list of available orders.order pd
  • Select the order wherein you want to place your suggestion. Click the selected order and go through the requirements of the client.
  • Under Suggestion put in your suggestions and you can suggest as many domains as you can but don’t spam. Also you will find a comment section wherein you can put in your comments if any.suggestion pickydomains
  • Click on Submit Suggestions and your suggestion will be sent to client. The client will select the right domain for his or her business. If the client likes your suggestion he can either select it or like it. You as a contributor will earn for every selected domain and liked suggestions. The process is the same for Naming Brands and suggesting slogans but the pay may differ.

PayPal is the only mode of payment so you will require a PayPal account to work with PickyDomains. Creating a PayPal account is absolutely free; so create your account here. You can redeem the amount as soon as you reach $20.


  • Always read the detailed instruction of client
  • Do proper research work before coming up with your suggestions
  • Try to be creative and unique
  • Come up with as many suggestions as you can but never spam
  • Put in your detailed comments in the comment section

Tips mentioned above won’t assure you 100% success at the start but it is some kind of guideline towards success. If you have to be successful to earn money with PickyDomains then these are must follow tips.

You won’t be able to depend on PickyDomains earning for your living as things totally depends on clients liking. But this work is really interesting and can be handy during your lucky times. So one can try and use PickyDomains as an additional source of income. Do try it and come up with your experience and review which will help many in earning online.

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