Top 7 Online Paid Forum Posting Job Sites

Forum posting is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. Its great way to mark your presence in web world. It not only requires good English, but also needs proper attention and commitment from a person. In order to attain best results, you should understand the fine lines which should not be crossed in forum posting and give best of your efforts.

paid forum postingFor more information about paid forum posting, browse through these website and consider each and every aspect.

Top Paid Forum Posting Job Sites

  1. Postloop – This website is one of the best and most efficient option for forum posting. It allows you to make money by writing comments on other forums and blogs. People with efficient writing skills can easily earn a lot in posting comments on other people’s forums and blogs. It offers tons of forums and after signing up, you can easily pick your interests in which you’d like to participate. Your ratings will determine your earning potential and, there are no limits on daily points. However, the minimum limit to cash out through PayPal is $5 which is equal to 100 points.
  2. Knoji Another site which gives an effective way to make money is Knoji. Originally known as factoidz, this website gave an opportunity to earn by writing articles for revenue share. But now, it provides various money earning opportunities and is serving as a consumer help website. After signing up, you’ll get monthly payment through PayPal for article writing and coupon code sharing.
  3. ForumsFirst – Forums First is also an efficient earning and forum posting website. This website hires efficient writers and keeps a regular check on them. The packages for payment are not listed on the site, but all new writers have to submit five trial posts to be hired. Currently, it’s one of the best forum posting websites with a large number of employees.
  4. Kickstart your Forums – This website is also a renowned name in the field of forum posting. It has been around since a long time and has a large number of efficient and skilled employees. Its posting packages includes standard articles, SEO optimized articles, blog comment and entries. On an average, they pay .15 to .20 cents per post.
  5. Paid Forum Posting – Another website which provides a perfect way for earning is paid forum posting. This site has been around since last 10 years and has hired a large number of efficient and experienced writers. It’s a subsidiary of and is one of the most experienced and reputable content creation company on the web. Additionally, it’s also known for paying more than most other posting websites.
  6. Sig Trader – Sig Trader is also a renowned source of earning. This company allows users to sign as a seller and sell ad spaces through different forums. At this site, you can charge any rate according to the worth of your space and the buyers will contact you directly with great offers. As compared to other earning methods, Sig trader provides more returns in lesser time.
  7. Professional Forum Posters – This website also features an efficient content posting opportunity. It’s one of the most efficient forum websites available on the internet, and pays .25 cents per post through PayPal. But, the minimum redemption limit at this website is dollar 10. So, people with efficient writing skills should only go for this website.

These are some websites which can provide easy earning through content posting in forums. The process of paid forum posting requires skill, dedication, and efforts. Without having all three features, one cannot get expected results in this field. Its bit tricky, but proper efforts can bring best results in quick time. So, check out these sites and start posting your content.

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