PickyDomains Review – Earn Online by Suggesting Domain Names, Slogans

You always look for an attractive domain name and slogan when you start with a new business. This work requires a lot of research work as the domain name or slogan should be catchy and simple. It is also very difficult to find the researched domain name available as such catchy domains and slogans are already registered. So this is some kind of hectic task and to make this work easier PickyDomains has come up with this awesome service. This service helps clients to find a catchy domain or slogan for their business and also pays contributors for their work.

pickydomainsWhat is PickyDomains?

PickyDomains is a naming or branding service which helps clients in finding a simple, easy to pronounce, easily memorable domain name or slogan which describes the clients business. This is not an automated service and the work will be done by contributors or people like us. So this service assists the clients and also provides online earning opportunity for its contributors. It is totally safe and secured as clients will be paying only for the selected domain names or slogan.

How does it work?

Clients have to pay a certain nominal amount for domain name ($50) and slogan ($75). This amount is comparatively cheaper than its competitors. After registering clients will have to select the service they are looking for i.e. Domains or Slogans. They will have to provide with all the required information along with the expected keywords. After submission of the order, this request will go into the pool of available orders wherein contributors will get to put in their suggestions. If the suggested domains are not per client’s expectation then they can always go for refund.

Contributors can see these orders in Available order section and can select the one of their choice. They will have to put in their suggestions in the request form which should obey the client’s requirement. These suggestions will go to client and the best one will be selected or liked by him. For each selected orders the contributors will be paid a certain amount.

How to make money using PickyDomains?

As a contributor you can make a lot of money using PickyDomains. You just need to be creative, smart and might have to do a bit of research work. It is very simple and does not require any specialized skill set so anyone can join as a contributor.

PickyDomains give different ranks for contributors and you will be starting with Rank 5 which will improve with no. of suggestions, likes and selections by the client. More the suggestion more is the chance of earning so try to suggest as many domain names or slogans as you can. For each selected domain names or slogans contributors will earn from 40-60% which comes up to $25-75. Payments are done through PayPal within 72 hours after your suggestions are accepted by the clients.

PickyDomains Review: Legit or Scam?

This is the most common question of many and here is the answer. I have gone through the site, did some bit of research work and found this site to be genuine. There are people complaining about their suggested domains getting booked and not getting paid. The fact is there are many who look for some cool domains online so the chance of your suggested domain getting booked by others is high. If your domain is selected by the client and is booked by the client then you will be paid for sure.

Conclusion of PickyDomains Review

URL: PickyDomains

PickyDomains is 100% genuine and is one of the best way to earn money online. Just read and follow the requirement of the client before putting in your suggestion.

This is really an awesome and interesting way to earn online so give it a try and come up with your Feed backs about it. This is my PickyDomains Review or opinion; so if you feel that this site is fake or not genuine then do let us know by commenting. Your comment or review will help us and our readers in many ways.

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