Scribie Review: Online Audio Transcription Job Earn $10/hour

In my last article I have reviewed Captcha2cash which is an Online Data Entry Network. I also did specify that the pay is comparatively lesser than other online jobs. The reason being online typing works is the most searched jobs and many are scam. The number of people looking for online typing work has increased wherein the available job is much less. Hence most of genuine typing networks have reduced their rate of payment.

audio transcription siteIn this article I have come up with similar Online Typing network Scribie wherein the pay is way higher i.e. $10/hour. Scribie does not offer image or captcha typing work instead it offers Video and Audio Typing Work. You will require to type words which you hear in the audio or video. So Scribie goes under Audio Transcription Job.

How Does Scribie Work?

Scribie is an Audio Transcription or Typing Network which helps its client in audio transcription. Clients submit audio or video files which gets transcripted to text format. Clients are charged $1.5 for every minute of audio transcription. It also guarantees 98% accuracy or the entire work will be redone for free. Work submitted will be delivered back to the client within 24 hours.

As a Transcription Freelancer; you can process the work submitted by the client. Freelancers will get $1 for every 6 minutes of audio transcription. Processed work should be returned back to the client with high accuracy i.e. above 98%.

How Can I Join Scribie?

Scribie is free to join and anyone who is good in English can join this online typing job. Click on the Registration link below and fill in your application.

Link: Register

Your application status should be emailed to you within 24 hours; I got mine in less than 30 minutes. This email will have a link that will take you to a page with all the required information. This page will have your application status, your waiting list number and the estimated waiting period.

scribie status

After the estimated waiting period you will get the test invitation wherein you will have to give a test and based on which you will be selected. The estimated waiting period is high because of increase in number of applications. So once selected you will be able to do this audio transcription work from home.

How Much Can I Earn From Scribie?

As mentioned above you will be paid $1 for every 6 minute of translation; so you can make up to $10 every hour. Jobs submitted by the client will be lined up in a dashboard which can be picked and processed by you. After 10 submissions you will be rated on a scale of 5; wherein freelancers rating above 2.75 will be promoted as reviewer. As a reviewer you can review others work this include your own work thus increasing the chance of making more money.


Transcription Work (A Day): 2 hours

Reviewer (A Day): 2 hours (Reviewing own work)

Rate: $1 (per 6 minutes)

Daily Income: $40

So in a day you will be working for just 2 hours and if you review your own job then it is like doing 2 more hour work which will add up to 4 hours. Thus you can make around $40 a day with ease working for just 2 hours. Payment will be done through Paypal.

Note: You also get a monthly bonus of $10 for every 3 hours work

Requirements and Guidelines

For other data entry work you won’t require any specialized skill set but since this requires audio transcription; English is must. So these are the two things that you would require in order to work with Scribie.

  • Good English (Written and Verbal)
  • Excellent Typing Speed with Good Accuracy

Link: Guidelines

Link: Work Sample

Conclusion – Scribie Review:

Scribie is one of the best data transcription or data entry work online. The pay is comparatively higher than many other online jobs and it is totally free to join. The only issue I see with this network is the wait time; which is very high. Apart from this I can’t find or hear anything bad about this network. I haven’t tried it personally but from reviews from people around the Globe; this network seems to be genuine or legit. I have registered and will come up with my personal feedback soon. Meanwhile if you have tried Scribie then do let us know your Feedback about the same.

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