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Online data entry jobs are one of the easiest jobs to earn money online from home. This is one of the main reasons behind people going crazy for it. I do get a lot of queries from our readers asking about reviews on different data entry sites. Even after suggesting not to give such jobs a try; they always look to give it a try.

This article will help you find some secure online data entry jobs and the average KPH required for doing such work from home. I won’t get much into details; rather I will show you few reputed sites wherein you can search for online data entry work. I will also tell you the required average data entry KPH to earn some decent income online.

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Secure Online Data Entry Job Sites


oDesk is one of the globally recognized job marketplace for Freelancers. As a Freelancer you can create an oDesk account for free and can start earning instantly. In order to get orders from client, you will need to have a complete profile with your skill set listed in it. You can also search for data entry jobs on oDesk by going to “Find Work” category and typing in the keyword “Data Entry Jobs” in search field. Select the job which suits your need along with the right pay and start earning.

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Elance is also similar to oDesk wherein you can set up an account and can earn as a Freelancer from home. Both these sites are big job portal with a huge list of jobs to filter and work from. Always go through the entire job description, requirement, price etc before applying for any job.

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Fiverr is a micro job site wherein you can offer your data entry service for as low as $5. You will have to create a good sales page with the entire details about your service. You can set $5 as a minimal charge for doing basic work and can charge more for advanced work. You can always refer to others sales page to get a rough idea about how your page should look like. You will be paid when you complete the orders placed by the client.

fiverr home typing workThere are too many freelancing sites available these days and the competition between freelancers have increased a lot too. So at times you will have to work at a cheaper rate in order to grab certain orders. If you can deliver high quality work consistently then you can increase your rate any time; so for the start I would advise you to set your rate a bit lower.

Required Average Data Entry KPH speed

KPH in data entry stands for Keystrokes Per Hour. You can earn a decent money if your average speed is around 40-50 WPH doing online data entry jobs. If it is above 50 WPH then that is a great advantage to get more work thus more money. So here is the KPH conversion for you considering the average WPM as 40 (assuming each word to be 5 letters).

Words Per Minute (WPM) = 40

Keystrokes Per Minute (KPM)= 200 (Assuming each word to be of 5 letters each)

Keystrokes Per Hour (KPH) = 12000

So if your average KPH speed is around 12000 then it will be considered to be good and the chance of earning decent money will be high. You can practice and improve your typing skill by spending on typing tutorial sites online. If you already have an excellent typing speed then you should definitely try the online data entry sites listed above. If you have any queries; feel free to get in touch with me through our contact form or by commenting.

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