What is Blogging, Blogger and its Benefits?

All About Blogging

blogging-tipsBlogging is basically writing and sharing information about things that you know or passionate about. Blogging is one of the best ways to express yourself.

Who can be a Blogger?

Is there any requirement to be a Blogger? The Answer is NO. Anyone can blog and the only thing that’s required is eagerness to write, learn and share.

You might step back when you hear the term “Writing” as you might not be good with it. Even I am not a good writer but am working hard to be one. Writing comes with experience, so unless and until you start working on it; you won’t develop the skillset of writing.

What can I write about?

Now the next question that goes through your mind will be “What to write about?” This is something tricky as everyone will have their own opinion.

  1. You can write about things that can pay you more or
  2. You can write about things that you are passionate about or
  3. You can write about things that is trending the current market

I would always suggest you to write about things that you are passionate about. It can be anything, so think about something which you are passionate about and can write about it for long. It always makes sense to do something which you love than to do something which you don’t know much.

Things to Do

  • Write high quality articles
  • Write on a regular or daily basis
  • Always use simple words

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t copy others work
  • Don’t write about hacking or cracking
  • Don’t write about gambling related stuffs

Does Blogging have any benefits?


The no. of bloggers is increasing everyday and it’s all because of the benefit it has to offer. Blogging has changed many lives and you can hear this from many Pro Bloggers. There are many Pro Bloggers who has started their carrier from way down but now are successful and are on top.

Even in my case I have started to Blog 1.5 years back without any knowledge of Blogging or SEO. I struggled a bit at the start but slowly started to learn things and am still learning. Now I am not just learning but also gaining financially from my Blogs.

These are benefits of Blogging

  • Improvises the skill set of writing
  • Helps in learning or knowing many things
  • Provides global visibility – People will start knowing you
  • It sets a platform to express yourself and gain the Expert Status
  • Helps in Earning Money Online

As you can see Blogging is just fun and it helps in gaining many things. Couple of hours every day is enough to be successful when it comes to Blogging. It also helps you financially in a longer run; it can also change your life. I would advice everyone to try this blogging experience. If you have any comments about Blogging or if you like to share your Blogging experiences then do share it here.

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